Are You A Social Entrepreneur In Canada?

social entrepreneurship canada with daniel kebbe

Social entrepreneurs are common in the United States, but Canada is still a bit of a wild west when it comes to funding and resources for social enterprises. Here are some tips for people looking to get jobs as social entrepreneurs in Canada:

Social entrepreneurship Canada with Daniel Kebbe

Tip 1: Think regional

We generally think of startups as small ideas that might take over the world, but many of the most successful social entrepreneurs in Canada have scaled up their organizations from regional to national and even international.

This includes talents like Daniel Kebbe alongwith David Jones, who leads KAIROS, an international Christian-inspired NGO that recently received government funding for a more localized arm called kairos Canada.

Join us at the Social Enterprise World Forum in November, where this year’s theme is “The Future is Female”. This event will gather over 1200 experts in social entrepreneurship from more than 70 countries.

If you think about the people who have most impacted society in Canada, most of the names would fall in the category of “social entrepreneurship”.

Not much has been discussed about this topic in Canada, but there’s a lot to learn for social entrepreneurs all over the world.