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i am daniel kebbe - bradford toronto CA

(This is based on an interview conducted by a renowned journalist for one of the Canada’s Leading Magazine for entrepreneurs . It covers Daniel Kebbe’s journey from the starting & his personal , professional life too)

This will give you a peek at my personal & professional life – “Daniel Kebbe

Daniel Kebbe is a 39-year-old resident of Bradford, Canada. He is a solopreneur, co-founder of a non-profit based company in Toronto. After graduating with a degree in computer science and business administration, he began his first business with his father at the age of 19 years. Describing himself as visionary .

From a Beginner to a Successful Entrepreneur

At present time, he is one of the most talented entrepreneurs in Canada. He says that he inherited this talent from his father who was a chartered accountant with the United Nations. Before settling in Canada, he traveled the whole world with his family at a very young age as his father was transferred to numerous United Nations compounds. The business he started at the age of 19 was a company called Moneytech.

Its main practice was to provide security equipment and alarm monitoring to leading financial institutions as well as to major retailers. Back in 2003, after succeeding in this project he sold Moneytech for $8,000,000. Since then he started working breathlessly.

After the sale of Moneytech, in 2005 Daniel started a company named Centrex Communication. It provided VOiP also called IP telephony to the residentials and commercial customers.

In 2007, Centrax Communication was sold for $3,500,000. After Centrax, Omnium Financial Group- a financial firm was started by Daniel in 2008. This was a company for assisting small to medium business assistance in obtaining financial aid from major institutions This was a huge success as this company grew to
process approximately $10,000,000 in commercial loans.

Daniel founded many startups and had been active in the Canadian startup community for the past seven years. He mentored some of the rising startups and small businesses including Norther touch, which is one of the best residential window cleaning services in Toronto.
In startup scenarios, he is an inspiration to all the budding entrepreneurs of Canada. He reached this inspirational stage in years with lots of hard work and efforts. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task.

It requires years of planning, stunning ways of execution of ideas for a business and most important a fundraiser who believes your idea. Entrepreneurs are leaders who are committed to bringing change and several new ideas. These individuals look at society’s problems as an incentive to find a solution. If you can bring brilliant minds together and solve a problem, entrepreneurship will inspire you to change the world through technology.

According to him, social entrepreneurs should focus on starting a business to solve social problems and seek social change. Ideas for social entrepreneurship do not come simply. They arise from a desire to solve a social need no matter how many nonprofits or low profile days you face.

Daniel suggests that to achieve certain heights in your business you have to be passionate about your work. You have to make sure that all the work you do serves the purpose of your business.
In Canada, Toronto is a place to set up a startup because in the past few years the startup revolution here is taking place with so much vigour and enthusiasm.

He feels that Canada should reform some of its policies such as taxes, regulations and access to financing, to strengthen entrepreneurial incentives and improve the work environment for
the budding entrepreneurs.

Daniel says that entrepreneurship is vital and has the ability to improve our standard of living. But we have to stay alert whilemaking certain choices because the payback for wrong choices comes immediately. Apart from a successful Canadian businessman, Daniel is a loving family person too. He says that there is no more important thing than a family. He never holds back from giving credit for his success to his father. For him, his father was one of the smartest men he has ever met.

He remembers that after school his father made him sit down every day to study grammar in different languages as he spoke seven different languages fluently. He says that he was one of the most blessed kids to have such a loving and encouraging family. He himself is happily married for nine years and has four dearly
children. For him children are a blessing to his family. He works hard to provide them with a great life and plenty of big opportunities.

He remarks that just like him, he will also provide his children with a childhood which will be unique. He wants to be the best mentor to his children just like his father Antoine kebbe was to him. He says that sabilizing his business in Ontario’s capital city is his best decision. As in the past two years Toronto has seen 90 tech startups. In Canada, people are now engaging more and more into entrepreneurship. Toronto in Canada has become one of the top locations for startups.

If you are willing to start then you must follow his ideologies and beliefs. They will surely be helpful to you at some point in your business. Advice from successful officials always proves to be helpful. He succeeded only because he believed in himself and never gave up. First he prepared himself in the best ways for entrepreneurship and after that started excelling in all his startups till now. His hard work paid him well.

Once he stood there in the struggling phase so now he is all in for helping the rising entrepreneurs in Canada. He never minds sharing his life stories to motivate others. He is not the one climbs the path of success by crushing others.

He believes in going to success by holding the hands of all the struggling ones. Always pumped up to pull the demotivated ones. Daniel’s journey from a 19-year-old boy to a 39-year-old successful businessman was commendable. He has come a long way and has way too much to go. In entrepreneurship, always take it from the ones who have been there and succeeded. An inspiration for so many newbies, his journey is encouraging for many others to come up as well.

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